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Our approach to your Web site is that of a marketing tool. As with all your promotional materials, electronic media is a form of marketing your product or service and company to your client or prospect. While programmers are skilled at writing code and running Java applets, would you have them create your marketing campaign? At D Media, Inc., we are marketing communications graphic design experts with the technical know-how.

D Media, Inc. is a full-service design studio. All our design work is performed in-house. Once we create the design for your Web site, we also have the capabilities and experience to provide our graphic design expertise and marketing strategy for your printed communication materials.

We create your marketing materials and information into HTML pages that can act as an online brochure, catalog, newsletter or other marketing piece. Our Web site services include designed sites with a graphic theme or concept, creation of custom JPEGs and GIFs, animation, JavaScript programming, Flash, image maps and other Web site support services. Put us to work towards your company's future in e-communications.

If you would like to take a look at our Web design work, please visit our online portfolio.


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