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Guide for client holiday gifts
The best client gifts say both "Thank you" and "Keep it coming." Select a gift that 1) is memorable, stands apart, and personal if possible; 2) reflects your company’s brand, personality and values; and 3) sticks around, especially where your clients make business decisions or will see it on a daily basis. HOW? Contact D Media for ideas, research, and the final unique promotional product/gift item to meet all of the above!
Save $ on Print: Ask Questions (Tip #1)
To be cost-efficient with print orders, ask questions up front about things that affect costs: paper and ink materials, color conversion, color-matching, bleeds, timeline, and what is involved for rush orders. Also ask about prepress costs, like rates for fixing unexpected errors in your art, or converting your files if not supplied in the correct format.
D Media's 'Thumbs Up' Award
A “techno” Thumbs Up to Texas Recycling/Surplus, Inc. The company's new Web site was launched with D Media's expertise for concept, design, production, development, programming, and hosting. See the new look.


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